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Anonymous asked: So when you two last saw each other during WWII things seemed pretty good but when you two saw each other again in 2009 you hated each other. Why? What went wrong?

I promised Stefan an eternity of misery, and I was holding up my end of the bargain. I always loved him through it all, but I was punishing him for making me turn. I held it against him that Katherine turned him, too. I admit, it was nice seeing my brother again, but I couldn’t forget what he did.

Anonymous asked: Hmmm... What was it that made you both fall in love with Katherine?

Damon: She was beautiful, funny, charming…. She was unlike any woman I’d ever known.

Stefan: Katherine was the most intriguing woman I’d ever known then.   She was everything that I wanted. I thought so, anyway.

forever-nostalgic-x asked: It couldn't have been Silas or Katherine cause Stephen gave elena the cure when she was with them and chose, and elena shoved the cure down Katherine's throat. If it was Silas, he would've taken the cure

Wait, Katherine is going to be human? Why hasn’t anyone told me? This should be good.

Anonymous asked: so you know at the end of season 4 how Elena kissed and chose you, Damon? WHAT IF IT WASNT ELENA AND IT WAS KATHRIN OR SILAS?

That would suck, Anon. Let’s hope that isn’t the case.

Anonymous asked: okay this question has been pissing me off for AGES. DO YOU STILL GET YOUR GOD-DAMNED PERIOD AFTER YOU TURN INTO A VAMPIRE. I mean, has elena ever mentioned it? ;)

Stefan: No, no more periods.

Damon: Elena hasn’t mentioned it, but, I’ve never met a female vampire. We aren’t…fertile after we become vampires, so there’s really no need for a period.

Anonymous asked: Hi! How are you guys! It's been a while since you've been online! (To the occ: are you playing along with the show? Is the real stefan in the quarry and silas is acting as him?)

Stefan: I’ve never felt better, thank you for asking. 

Damon: Sorry about that, Anon. I’m going great, how are you? 

(Yes, we follow along with the show